Individual sessions
Sliding scale:  $110-150
To schedule:, or (907) 350-1715
Payment by cash or check at first session, or by Venmo.
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"Moving Out of Pain" class series recordings:

Audio recording of a series of nine "Awareness Through Movement" (ATM) lessons, taught live for a class series by the same name at Open Space Studio in the spring of 2023.
Like all Feldenkrais lessons, the benefits of this lesson series extends well beyond resolving pain.  These lessons develop better coordination, balance, athleticism, and pleasure in all movement activities.
1 - Many Ways to Lift your Pelvis
2 - Lifting the Pelvis with Legs Crossed
3 - Your Chest Like an Accordian
4 - Side-lying - lifting head and leg ... swinging
5 - Flexing to Lengthen
6 - A New Pelvic Clock
7 - Holding the Neck from the Heels
8 - Filling abdomen like a balloon, Kiai vocalization
9 - Massaging the neck from the Arms (bonus lesson)
Lesson Package - $65


Single lessons 

Single movement lessons from the "Moving Out of Pain" series can be purchased individually for $15 each here.
After purchase, email: and specify which lesson you'd like and you will receive a return email with a download link to the lesson.

Reviews for "Moving Out of Pain"

From class questionaires: "What benefits have you noticed from these classes?" 

- less pain in my body 

- It helped my lower back so much in one lesson

- I notice an improvement in mobility after these sessions

- It released tensions in my rib cage.  Neck and upper back were very relaxed afterward.

- it targeted my hip weaknesses and I was able to work through some of them - surprizingly..

- Felt stronger with daily walk after this lesson

- There is more balance … more grace with myself and my body to move in an enjoyable way, not an efficient way. 

- I feel more calm, more purposeful. my focus and balance have improved. 

- Definitely noticing subtle shifts in the way I move…. Feldenkrais is helping me access both the memories, the healings, and the capacity to hold and move on from trauma.

- I am overall less restless with pausing, more connected with my skeletal system supporting my movement and less relying on pure muscular strength.  

- I just feel better after I go to class

- I walk every day and enjoy playing with how I am interacting with the ground. I try to relax and walk like a child would. 

- the classes make me feel more grounded.

- it's helping with my gait

- my body feels instantly different afterwards


Reviews of the class series:

- Exceptional instructor - clear instructions on the movements and also a very gentle approach to getting in touch with our own physicality.

- a brilliant class! … awesome learning! 

- A very valuable experience.

- lovely