“This is the most sophisticated and effective method I have seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function. We’re condemning millions of people to a deteriorated old age that’s not necessary.”  

— Margaret Mead, PhD, Anthropologist



“Feldenkrais has studied the body in movement with a precision I have found nowhere else.” 

— Peter Brook, Film & Stage Director



“Feldenkrais is not just pushing muscles around, but changing things in the brain itself.”

— Karl Pribram, M.D., Neuroscientist, Stanford Univ, Winner of the Havel Prize in Neuroscience



“Feldenkrais represents a revolution in human health.”
— Smithsonian Magazine



“Genius, of the magnitude possessed by Moshe Feldenkrais defies categorization… He could function at the highest level in nuclear physics, as a martial artist, as an inventor, … and as one of the most prescient observers of neuroscience…. 

pioneering a unique way of teaching people … to change their brains, by increasing awareness of whatever they did, providing the foundation for a gentle but powerful approach to alleviating human suffering.”

—Dr. Norman Doidge, MD, Award winning science writer and author of NY Times bestseller, The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity


The Feldenkrais Method has also greatly improved my personal quality of life by reducing the restrictions and limitations I thought were permanent due to multiple sclerosis.”

— Maria Luskin, Neuroscience Professor Emory University Medical School


“Feldenkrais’s work is innovative, gentle, and often strikingly effective.”

—ANDREW WEIL, MD Integrative Medicine pioneer and author


Feldenkrais [is] …   to somatics as Freud was to psychology.” 

— Robert Shaw, M.D., Medical Director, The Family Institute of Berkeley, CA





In the media


“Trying the Feldenkrais Method for Chronic Pain”


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"I had long refrained from writing about this method of countering pain because I thought it was some sort of New Age gobbledygook with no scientific basis. Boy, was I wrong!" 

-  Jane Brody,  Health Columnist for the New York Times, 10/31/2017


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“A Different Way to Relieve Years of Back Pain”

Washington Post,  by Lisa Rein,  9/27/2018

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