Private Music Lessons – Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Bass


During 15 years working as a full-time private music teacher (guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele and electric bass) Kevin has taught at music camps, performed at festivals with his own bands and coached many student bands and family bands. 

Kevin adapts his teaching approach to the unique interests and learning styles of each student, his students ranging from 4 to 85 years old. He is a registered Suzuki Method guitar teacher, and his student bands have been a yearly attraction at the Anchorage Folk Festival.

Kevin enjoys empowering people to discover in their own experience that:
*  it's easy to play and enjoy music
*  everyone is inherently musical.  Everyone has unique, beautiful,  inborn musical ability regardless of age or experience or what someone may have told them
*  everyone can learn to have fun playing music with others
*  there are endless new musical possibilities and explorations you can engage when you feel stuck    

Private lessons:     half hour - $45       45 min - $68

Group classes:  Kevin occasionally teaches classes and workshops to help people learn to play ensemble, in bands, and socially.  Contact Kevin for more info.

For more info or to schedule, call or text Kevin: 907-350-1715 or email

To see student festival and coffeehouse performances, go here! 



Reviews from kids

Thanks for making me sing.  I like it!!

- NK,  age 9


Thank you for being such a good guitar teacher.  You’re the best!

- MK and WK, ages 9 & 11


I hope Kevin never retires.  

- AW, 8 yrs. old




Reviews from Parents

Scott and I have thanked our lucky stars many times that we found you.   We can’t imagine what our boys’ lives would have been without you.  

The boys have both found a deep passion for music and it has brought them friends and opportunities and involvements we never could have imagined.  C will be going to China next year with his band.

- LD


We all enjoyed the recital and could feel the love and joy for music your students expressed. It was lovely to see.   D so loves playing guitar.   Thank you.

- KF


Hi Kevin,

Thanks again for the lessons today! It thrills me to see my kids so jazzed about learning music.

- CB



Kevin’s student bands


Kevin was magic to watch as he worked with so many talented young musicians!   Thanks Kevin.

MS  — Anchorage Folk Festival Board of Directors


Wow. I love passion.



Wow they actually sound good! … them's some rockin kids.



This is so awesome! I love seeing your gift of activating others in their gifts and inspiration!! ROCK ON ????????!!!!!!!!



You give so much to so many



Fantastic! The future of music is in good hands, thanks to inspiring instructors like yourself!