Reviews from kids


I love Kevin’s place.

— MK, 4 yrs old


Thanks for making me sing.  I like it!!

— NK,  age 9


Thank you for being such a good guitar teacher.  You’re the best!

— MK and WK, ages 9 & 11


Music is awesome because kevin is awesome.   

— NK, age 8


I hope Kevin never retires.


— AW, 8 yrs. old

Thank you for being the best guitar teacher ever

— BK


Thanks Kevin.  Always fun to play with you.

— SD


Thanks for 6 years of fun!

— CD


I love my bass part!

— MK


Thank you for making learning to play the guitar fun.

— MM



Reviews from Parents


We all enjoyed the recital and could feel the love and joy for music your students expressed. It was lovely to see.   D so loves playing guitar.   Thank you.

- KF


Hi Kevin,

Thanks again for the lessons today! It thrills me to see my kids so jazzed about learning music.

- CB

Scott and I have thanked our lucky stars many times that we found you. We can’t imagine what our boys’ lives would have been without you.

The boys have both found a deep passion for music and it has brought them friends and opportunities and involvements we never could have imagined. C will be going to China next year with his band.


– LD

The Folk Fest was amazing!!!!  Thanks for all your hard work with our kids ????  

— JK



You are a gem for W and all the kids you teach. : )

— JM


You're a wonderful teacher.   


— C, J, R and M


Hey Kevin, Thanks again for the great lessons. The boys were all smiles at dinner telling about them.

— VW


Hi Kevin, Thanks again for the lessons today! It thrills me to see my kids so jazzed about learning music. 

— CB


Dear Kevin, You should have seen M’s face when I showed her your email.  She was soooo proud of herself. …   I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your patience and energy you put into teaching M! Have a great week,

— E


I'm also very proud of W's accomplishments. As a non-musician I really appreciate being exposed to, and encouraging, his interest and talents.  I know he really admires, respects, and looks up to you. I really appreciate all you have done for him both as a teacher, mentor, and friend.  Thank you.

— JM


Kevin, Thank you very much for the compliment for O today! He is having so much fun with his guitar and I know it is because you are so good at what you do. 
Warmest Regards

— A & AC


We want you to know how thankful we are for your teaching and keeping music in our lives. I especially appreciate all the effort you make toward performance for the kids. You are a super teacher and we (all 3) are lucky to be your students.


– V, W and M

Thank you for another fantastic recital.  I appreciate all the work you put into the fine event.  Our family is thankful we know you and thankful you are our teacher!

— VW


Kevin - I don't know what you said to W on Wednesday but when i first asked him about [playing at the festival], he clearly said he wouldn't have anything to do with it.  After his lesson with you, he was ready to go so we submitted the application.  He decided to call himself "The Flying Flatpicker" (in case you didn't know, he's really into planes and flying, wants to be a pilot).  

— JM 


You rock Kevin!

— VW


Thank you for inspiring love of guitar in S

— SI


Thank you for your patient work.  It inspires.

— V, M, W & M


Great music!

— DS


Thanks for fueling our kids love of music!

— HH


Working with you has made the biggest difference to N and our whole family.

— WB


I got your name and a great recommendation from TG.  Her son J. takes guitar lessons with you and she has nothing but good things to say about the experience. 

— JS


Kevin, We appreciate you so much. Thanks for hanging in there as H and G navigate life lessons and guitar!


– BH & MH

Kevin - I also just want to say how much I appreciate you.  It is easy to take someone for granted when they’ve been in your life for awhile - but your calm, kind, encouraging heart and support of your whole studio - and my kids - has been something I have only grown to cherish more and more.  THANK YOU for all that you do and working with G. right now during a bumpy little phase of her life!  

— BH


Thank you so much for being so positive and encouraging!   You've made music a fun part of our lives! Love, 

— B and J & H family


You are a great teacher and I spread your name with high recommendations!  Thank you for your kindness and patience.

— PF


Kevin, What an amazing recital yesterday. You must be exhausted!  And very proud of your students!

— MO


A. passed on to me how happy she felt after her mandolin lesson last week - fell asleep happy and relaxed.  Thank you so so much for making time in your schedule! 

You're a blessing to have in our lives, Kevin :-)

— MR


Thanks for the great memories of not only the performance, but all the fun stuff that comes with learning music:-)

— CM



Kevin’s student bands


Kevin was magic to watch as he worked with so many talented young musicians!   Thanks Kevin.

ASG  — Anchorage Folk Festival


Wow. I love passion.



Wow they actually sound good! … them's some rockin kids.



This is so awesome! I love seeing your gift of activating others in their gifts and inspiration!! ROCK ON ????????!!!!!!!!



Fantastic! The future of music is in good hands, thanks to inspiring instructors like yourself!


You give so much to so many


– TP