Feldenkrais for Gardeners 8 week class - starts  July 12
Feldenkrais for Gardeners YMCA workshop - July 15-16
Ukulele for Everybody - starts July 23

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Feldenkrais for Gardeners - 8 week class

Wednesdays 5-6,    July 12-Aug 30

Gardening can be as rejuvenating as hiking, biking, dancing or anything else one does purely for fun.
Gardening offers neurological enrichment way beyond that of classic sports like running, skiing and lifting weights.

With Feldenkrais awareness:

*  Gardeners can develop a stronger, healthier, more agile, connected, playful and grounded body.
*  We are brought back to our biological inheritance — childlike exploration, pleasure & joy of movement.
*  Improve coordination, balance, and athleticism for every kind of physical activity.
*  Learn easier standing, squatting, getting up and down, reaching, crouching, shoveling and bending.

End your gardening time feeling energized, nourished and revitalized rather than tired, sore, or injured.

Kevin:  A professional gardener came to see me for a back injury two years ago. In our session I showed her how to garden in a way that cultivated ongoing improvement in spinal power and agility.  
Two weeks later she brought me halibut and homemade bread and reported, “I feel so good I keep wanting to push harder... I love having my back feel so strong."  
I ran into her again last weekend and she said her back is better than it’s ever been.
In this series I will teach the same movement lesson I taught her... and other lessons that can be equally empowering and re-vitalizing.

Full 8 week series - $155
Early Bird - $145 ( first six sign-ups)
Drop-in - $23

To register, make payment and send your name & email address to 907-350-1715 or kevincassity@yahoo.com.

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Feldenkrais for Gardeners ...
                           YMCA weekend workshop

Saturday July 15 1:30-4:30,  Sunday July 16, 11:30-2:30

This will be an abbreviated & condensed weekend version of the 8 week class (see description above).
The workshop will cover key lessons from the class.

Full Workshop - $95
Early bird (first six) - $75

To register, make payment and send your name & email to 907-350-1715 or kevincassity@yahoo.com.

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Ukulele for Everybody

Sundays 6:30 - 7:45 PM
July 23- Aug. 27  (Open Space signups please note date range correction)

The ukulele is simple to play, easy to take traveling and camping, and cheerful sounding.
This versatile instrument is enough to relax with alone or carry to a singalong. Some folks perform with just an ukulele and win hearts all over the world.
Ukulele is also a great preparation for learning guitar, which uses the same chord shapes and strumming patterns.


* chords, strumming & picking styles

*  popular songs

*  how to play socially, with friends, around the campfire, with other instruments, even in bands

*  basic music theory, and how to play by ear 

*  improvising & exploring creatively

* how to find musical friendships and jamming opportunities

* how to use free online music resources

All ukuleles welcome:   soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, bass

Guitars are also welcome! — bring a capo! … when capoed at the 5th fret guitars are essentially 6 string ukuleles (same tuning, same chord shapes, same pitch)

Full six week series - $155
Early bird - $135 (first six sign-ups)

To register, make payment and send your name & email address to 907-350-1715 or kevincassity@yahoo.com.

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Past classes & workshops:



Effortless power: Freeing the Core - $95
To register, make payment (below) & text or email your email address (to 907-350-1715 or kevincassity@yahoo.com)

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Current ongoing classes:

"Moving Out of Pain"  4 class punch card - $72,  single class - $21

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"Pelvic power, flexibility, & flow" workshop - $95

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Music and outdoor adventures


Custom outdoor and musical trips and adventures are available by arrangement while the details of group adventures are in the works.  

For more info Contact Kevin (here).