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Delve into the mystery …
Trusting yourself, a genuine kindness 
Authoritarianism dissolves,
Innate enthusiasm is the only real teacher,
Accessed, there is nothing to learn.

- Tao Te Ching  (The Book of the Way)

Kevin's studio, Playful Arts, facilitates self-discovery, healing, growth, and well-being through explorations into music, movement, play, nature.  

Playful Arts' mission is to help people re-discover inborn goodness, inner guidance, uniqueness, power and creative gifts ...
to help catalyze a movement, person by person towards re-enchantment with the world ...
towards a  "Playful World" where we recognize that our inherent nature as human beings is connected, loving, open, authentic, playful, exploratory, creative, infinite in potential, and committed to the well-being of all.

Playful Arts incorporates the healing and transformative influences of: 
- Feldenkrais
- music 
- outdoor exploration into the natural world
- inner exploration of our biologically and spiritually inborn nature as curious, exploratory, loving, playful, powerful, vibrant beings. 

We hold and support a vision of regeneration: 
- regeneration of the earth (regenerative agriculture), 
- regeneration of our bodies (somatic healing & awareness practices) 
- regeneration of human relationships (depolarizing within and without).  

Playful Arts is located in South Anchorage and is committed to helping build a culture of connected, healthy, mutually supportive community.  


Kevin Cassity

Kevin made his living for 20 years guiding river and wilderness and trips in Alaska and around the world,  and another 15 years teaching guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukulele full-time during the winters out of his studio, Playful Arts, in Anchorage ...

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