Individual Sessions - Functional Integration

Individual Feldenkrais sessions usually happen with the support of a table where one can lie down and relax out of habitual movement patterns and patterns of unnecessary tension and contraction.

This allows for the practitioner to guide subtle, gentle explorations of new movement possiblities which gradually open up new neurological options and new learning.

Individual sessions are available on a sliding scale of $110-150.

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Through the website you can get your first session for $90.  
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“... thank you for today.  I was in an altered state leaving.  I still feel the extra space/relief/drop in the holding of my ribs, arm pits, and neck.  Oh my, thank you.”
— GS,  Certified Structural Integration Therapist.

“The (session) was amazing. ...  My body has changed.  I’m so excited at the thought that I’ll be able to hike again without pain.  Thank you!
— JS,  Chef

After our session yesterday my spine feels much longer, had to adjust car mirrors.  Woke up this morning and my back feels better than it has in awhile.  Longer spine helping take pressure of the disc I think.  YES!!!!”
— CL, Nutritionist

“I have never experienced such ease in breathing! what an unexpected awesome result!!!!!!!!!… a life altering experience…”
— CN - Occupational Therapist

“My feet are completely different now.I’d never have predicted that I would bounce out of here!   This is really powerful work.   Thank you so much!”
— CN

... since our session I've felt really good in my body, of course, but my mind and my worldview are healing along with it.    It's like my imagination itself has a different tone, and even as I feel more uniquely myself than ever before, I also feel more a part of nature and humanity.    Thank you!
— JK, Vocalist and actor  

“I am grateful for all the Feldenkris sessions these last 18 months, the thing I come back to again and again and again is how much more comfortable, expansive, and fluid my breathing is.  I also have more body awareness and connection, yet it is the freedom of breath that is changing the quality and timbre of my life. A priceless gift, so grateful and wishing you blessings and abundance from above.”
— CN

Thanks again for seeing me yesterday on such short notice.  I woke up without a headache today!
— AR, Rolfer

Am very happy to report the back pain resolved. Gardening is going much better!  I feel so good I keep wanting to push harder.  I love having my back feel so strong.   I do those movements you showed me in the morning before I get out of bed and I do them again at night before going to sleep.
— MM, professional gardener

See more testimonials here .

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Classes and workshops


Kevin offers in-person Feldenkrais movement classes regularly in person in Anchorage, with a zoom connection for those who want to attend from a distance.     Go here to see a list of current classes/workshops.

Feldenkrais classes offer healing and physical improvement via neurological enrichment, and this comes by exploring an inner felt sense of powerful, efficient, pleasureable movement.  

Feldenkrais movement classes involve the same kind of self-discovery and development that babies and children engage in as in inborn reflex.  Scientist now think that it is this early exploration of movement itself that develops a child's brain and helps make children super-learners, the quickest learners on the planet.  

Moshe Feldenkrais has been called "the father of neuroplasticity" because he understood and applied these concepts 70 years before mainstream science coined the term.  For a remarkable story about Feldenkrais's pioneering work with neuroplasticity and brain development go here!.

Feldenkrais offers a very different approach from most other mainstream healing and/or athletic improvement modalities (physical therapy, athletic conditioning,  yoga, tai chi, pilates ...)  which tend to focus on strengthening, stretching, exercise, or following a particular movement form.    

The Feldenkrais method utilizes instead the principles of efficient, powerful, effortless  movement that that characterizes martial arts like judo and aikido.   Moshe Feldenkrais was a martial arts master and a close collaborator with Jigaro Kano, the 90 lb founder of judo.  Kano could throw heavily muscled students 3 times his size effortlessly because he had mastered the inexhaustible physical power that comes from good skeletal connection and support from the ground. 

Feldenkrais teaches this same kind of pleasurable, effortless, efficient connection and engagement in the form of movement explorations that can be carried into daily life, athletics, injury recovery ...  
We can recover the genius and pleasure of moving like children move, from an internal felt sense of connection, freedom, and power, rather than from ideas about how we should move.  
As we make these movement explorations it changes the brain's neurological wiring ... movement possiblities expand ... chronic pain, injuries, and other limitations tend to diminish or disappear.