Functional Integration® (FI) sessions (individual)



“I just want to say thank you for today.  I was in an altered state leaving.  I still feel the extra space/relief/drop in the holding of my ribs, arm pits, and neck.  Oh my, thank you.”

— GS,  Certified Structural Integration Therapist.



“That (session) was amazing.  I felt so much joy when I went home.  Lol.  So much energy, and then slept so deeply.

— JS,  Chef

My body has changed.  I’m so excited at the thought that I’ll be able to hike again without pain.  Thank you!

– JS, Chef

Here’s what I notice. after our session yesterday.   Spine feels much longer, had to adjust car mirrors.  Woke up this morning and my back feels better than it has in awhile.  Longer spine helping take pressure of the disc I think.  YES!!!!”

— CL, Nutritionist



“I have never experienced such ease in breathing! what an unexpected awesome result!!!!!!!!!… a life altering experience…”

— CN - Occupational Therapist



“You have wonderful hands, spirit and mind.”

— GF - Phycisal Therapist & Feldenkrais practitioner



“I don’t think I’ve ever been more relaxed in anybody’s hands doing anything.”

— AC, Biker and skier 

“My feet are completely different now.I’d never have predicted that I would bounce out of here!   This is really powerful work.   Thank you so much!”



Hi Kevin,  … life has been particularly interesting since our session. I've felt really good in my body, of course, but my mind and my worldview are healing along with it. I have no doubt that this work is helping me integrate the early experiences I have spent a lifetime trying to understand. It's like my imagination itself has a different tone, and even as I feel more uniquely myself than ever before, I also feel more a part of nature and humanity. Thank you!

JK, Vocalist and actor  



“ … there is a (somatic) communication going on….  During the sessions I feel a baby again, like I must have felt before having adopted any roles in life.”

KH, Veteranarian



"I can’t tell you the joy of being in the present moment  …  when you watch little kids, they’re in their bodies, in the moment, exploring something and it’s that joy.    It’s like rediscovering that.  I don’t think I had that as a kid because I just didn’t have the connections, and so to have it now is kind of epic.” 


Thank you for the work you did with me on Friday. It has already been profoundly liberating for me on a number of levels. Within minutes of getting home I was already surprising myself with little spontaneous, unpremeditated actions that all had the same thing in common: they made me feel good and served no other purpose. I was doing them before I even realized it!

– JK, actor and singer

“I am grateful for all the Feldenkris sessions these last 18 months, the thing I come back to again and again and again is how much more comfortable, expansive, and fluid my breathing is.  I also have more body awareness and connection, yet it is the freedom of breath that is changing the quality and timbre of my life. A priceless gift, so grateful and wishing you blessings and abundance from above.”




Thanks again for seeing me yesterday on such short notice.  I woke up without a headache today!

AR, Rolfer



Am very happy to report the back pain resolved. Gardening is going much better!  I feel so good I keep wanting to push harder.  I love having my back feel so strong.   I do those movements you showed me in the morning before I get out of bed and I do them again at night before going to sleep.

MM, professional gardener