Kevin offers coaching and information on:

• "Feldy sports" -- exercise & sports with a Feldenkrais approach
•  music & Feldenkrais - an easeful path to musical expression, exploration,
            social connection, & enjoyment.
•  natural vision recovery
•  trauma recovery
•  MDMA as a tool for insight, healing & inner development
•  Feldenkrais as a life transforming practice


You can arrange a free session with Kevin to learn more.  
Email:, or phone or text (907) 350-1715.


Further information on MDMA:
MDMA has been designated by the FDA as a "breakthrough therapy" for treating severe PTSD and is expected to be  approved for therapeutic use in 2024.
In FDA clinical trials, over 60% of study subjects with a diagnosis of severe  PTSD  no longer qualified for a PTSD diagnosis after a single MDMA session.
The Netflix series How to Change Your Mind with Michael Pollan (author of a book by the same name) is a good introduction to the therapeutic uses of MDMA and other psychedelic & ethneogentic medicines.  The third installment of this Netflix series is devoted entirely to the therapeutic use of MDMA.