Kevin offers coaching support and information on:

- natural vision recovery
- trauma recovery
- psychedelics, and particularly MDMA, as a tool for healing & inner development
- music, musical expression & exploration …music for social connection
- the Feldenkrais paradigm shift as applied to athletics, music, & other special interests

Further information on MDMA:
In FDA clinical trials, over 60% of study subjects (all of whom were diagnosed with severe  PTSD)  no longer qualified for a PTSD diagnosis after a single MDMA session.
MDMA has been designated by the FDA as a "breakthrough therapy" for treating severe PTSD and is expected to be  approved for therapeutic use in 2023 or 2024.
The Netflix series How to Change Your Mind with Michael Pollan (author of a book by the same name) is a good introduction to MDMA and other ethneogentic medicines.  The third installment of that series is devoted entirely to the therapeutic use of MDMA.
Many thought leaders in science and medicine feel that the legalization of psychedilics for therapeutic use is one of the most important developments in modern history, coming synchronistically at a time of deep human crisis and need for a major shift in human consciousness.  You can book a free 20 minute session with Kevin to ask questions and learn more.