The Bengston Energy Healing Method®

The Bengston Energy Healing Method® is an innovative healing technique that has been shown to be effective on a wide variety of conditions.

Dr. Bill Bengston has been conducting research on this form of therapy for several decades and has proven the effectiveness of his technique in controlled animal studies conducted in several university biological and medical laboratories.

His healing research has produced the first successful full cures of transplanted mammary cancer and methylcholantrene- induced sarcomas in experimental mice (in over 200 published studies)  with the hands-on technique that he helped develop. Mice that had successful full cures also had no recurrences of cancer.   

Kevin has been trained in the Bengston Energy Healing Method® and has found it very useful in his own natural vision recovery journey and healing work.

For more information visit  You can also find interviews with Dr. Bill Bengston on YouTube in which he tells the story of the development of the method and 30 years of scientific research to explore the potentials of the Method.