Summer Kickball … purely for fun


Kevin organizes summertime purely-for-fun kickball games with an invitation to everyone, all ages and abilities,  to join in re-experiencing real childhood play — going back to stage of life when  running around, playing “chase,” kicking and throwing balls, being clumsy, falling down, was pure, innocent fun.

Participation is free.   All comers are welcome to join in the game in whatever ways feel good, feel safe, ways that are unique to you, ways that prioritize your own exploration and discovery and physical and emotional well-being above performance. 

There’s a special invitation and welcome here to those who may may feel self-conscious about their physical ability or body image, to those who didn’t excel at sports, as well as to those who enjoy sports.  

For those who have been athletically inclined and enjoyed sports,  this may be an opportunity to  have fun developing aspects of yourself that are undeveloped — e.g.  for right handers to catch and throw left handed, or to kick with their clumsier foot, to drop a fly ball instead of injuring yourself to make the catch.  But you are welcome to play any way you want.  It’s up to you.

For those who have not been athletically inclined and/or have felt athletically incapable it may be an opportunity to actually engage wholehearted in games like this for the first time, to be enjoy being exactly as you are, to play and experiment and discover how you are, and even to see what playing hard, trying to win, trying to be “the best” feels like.  Again, you’re welcome to do it any way you want.   It’s up to you.


In this play, everyone is invited to re-experience an innocent time of life,  before physical activity and winning and performance may have become a serious matter, before team play may have entailed injury or abuse to one’s own body in pursuit of a goal, numbing out pain and other signals of injury,  going through  emotional highs and lows, anxiety, shame or humiliation …


The intention is to invite and offer  a judgement-free play space where each of us equally get to discover what is truly fun and healthy for us … what is truly self-supportive, what is mutually supportive, what connects us, how the play can feed our connection and enjoyment of each other and the well-being of everyone. 


If you’d like to participate and/or help organize, contact Kevin (here)  with your phone and email to get on the kickball game notification list.